HydroAID Hydrogel pad. The sterile stand-off for tough ultrasound conditions.

HydroAID is an advanced ultrasound stand-off in a homogeneous, transparent and durable gel pad form, on a unique 3-polymer base (contains 90% water). This makes HydroAID the specialist for challenging scenarios in ultrasound diagnostics.

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HydroAID can be used as a stand-off for ultrasound diagnostics for skin lesions and open wounds, or when a sterile hydrogel pad becomes necessary to visualise the affected tissue surface structures.

Figure 1 - 5: HydroAID in application in ultrasound diagnostics


  • Hydrogel-based sterile skin & wound dressings
  • Echoless stand-off for ultrasound diagnostics
  • Sonography of open wounds and irregular surfaces
  • Improved display of surface structures


The HydroAID pad is an excellent ultra-sound carrier thanks to its dense and durable hydrogel structure.

Figure 6: HydroAID structure (1,500 zoom)

Figure 7: HydroAID surface structure

HydroAID is used for special ultrasound examinations where standard gels cannot be used. The sterile HydroAID stand-offs enable examinations of open wounds (Doppler examinations of ulcers, third-degree burns) and are used for determining the depth of necrosis.

HydroAID is also used in the parts of the body where local examinations are difficult to implement. The hydrogel pad serves as a sterile, transparent connecting surface between the wound and the transducer to make the surface structures visible. Wherever distance is necessary for improved imaging of the localised structures (for structures near the surface and in curved parts of the body).

HydroAID is particularly recommended for examinations of:

  • Superficial blood vessels
  • Tendons
  • Small joint injuries
  • Fontanelles
  • Bone prominences
  • Carpal tunnel syndromes
  • Lymph nodes
  • Thyroid gland
  • Superficial breast tumours
  • Optic nerve with intracranial pressure
  • Wounds after kidney transplantation
  • Doppler examinations of ulcers
  • 3-degree burns to determine the depth of necrosis


Excellent stability and durability due to the enormous elasticity of the unique biomaterial.

Figure 8: Hydrogel as a unique biomaterial

Absorption of aqueous solutions, without loss of shape or mechanical thickness reduction.

Water vaporisation produces a beneficial, immediate and lasting cooling effect.

In the case of dry wounds, HydroAID releases moisture into the wound. If excess wound exudate is found, HydroAID absorbs the fluid.

Figure 9: Moisture balance


Each HydroAID Gel Pad is a hermetically sealed, sterilised disposable product. It is a class IIb medical product with a shelf life of 2 years. HydroAID pads can be cooled (not frozen) before use in order to intensify the soothing, cooling effect. This cooling process can also be repeated during treatment if necessary.