PowTOO are Power tools. The cordless disposable tools for orthopaedic surgery.

PowTOO tools are essential aids for all those working in orthopaedic surgery.

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ONE WAY for septic cases.

MOBILE for workshops and training programmes.

STERILE back-up for emergency operations.

The PowTOO series consists of 6 ergonomic hand-held devices for the respective special tools.

Figure 1: PowTOO tools, complete equipment


PowTOO provides advanced technology for orthopaedic surgery by means of powerful, reliable tool performance:

  • A good grip due to the extremely good ergonomics of the hand-held devices.
  • The compact lightweight design of the tools made of durable plastic.
  • Speed controller (variable) for individual adjustment.
  • Disposable device to be put in general waste.


  • The tools can be used directly as they are supplied in sterile packaging.

  • The cordless use of the tools is provided in battery mode.

  • Depending on your preferences, the charging stations could be provided as a single charging station or in the triple version – for charging three batteries at the same time.

  • The power console allows an alternative power connection.
  • PowTOO are lightweight and can be used flexibly anywhere in the matching aluminium case.


Due to their mobility and low purchase costs, the PowTOO tools are ideally suited for orthopaedic workshops and training programmes.

PowTOO are ideal back-up units for clinics and hospitals, as a substitute if no sterile main units are available. In addition, PowTOO are the tools of choice in surgery of highly infectious, highly septic cases, due to their disposable design.

A high variable is their well-designed user-friendliness. The convenience of being able to choose from the various power supply options, based on individual preferences, makes the PowTOO tools highly flexible for the user.


  • PowTOO drill

  • PowTOO drill reamer

  • PowTOO oscillating saw

  • PowTOO oscillating shaft saw (reciprocating)

  • PowTOO sternal saw