WiPRO is a Wireless ultrasound diagnostics.
Point-of-care diagnostics for mobile use.

WiPRO is the smart successor of the classic, diagnostic ultrasound equipment in midget design. The highly integrated transducer types offer everything you need for immediate point-of-care diagnostics.

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WiPRO can be used in all medical application areas of ultrasound diagnostics: General medicine, orthopaedics, trauma surgery, sports medicine, urology, gynaecology, intensive care medicine, cardiology, anaesthesia, emergency ambulances, veterinary medicine.

Figure 1 - 3: WiPRO 7 convex/linear/biplane transducer (192 elements / colour Doppler)

Figure 4 - 6: WiPRO 6 Colour Doppler 6NFC / 6MFC / 6HFC and WiPRO Dual Transducer 6NMFC (128 components)


WiPRO is a revolutionary, highly-efficient ultrasound scanner without a monitor. The components of a traditional ultrasound device are built into the scanner by means of a circuit board and the ultrasound image is transmitted through a smartphone / tablet PC / monitor via WiFi.

The wireless APP connection is available for any commercially available software. (Android / iOS / Windows). Digital images are transmitted and stored via DICOM.


  • Small footprint and lightweight design
  • Wireless, battery-powered operation
  • Waterproof design for sterilisation
  • Convenient remote diagnostics and easy image transmission
  • Uncomplicated imaging with minimum start-up time


  • Scan mode: Electrode array chip
  • Sound depth: Convex 100 - 280 mm, Linear 20 - 55mm
  • Display mode: B/W, colour, PW, PDI depending on the model
  • Image setting: Zoom, focus, freeze function, anti-sound pulse harmonics, noise reduction, DYN
  • Battery life: 3 hours in scanning mode
  • Charge type: USB connection, or wireless
  • Weight: Convex/Linear 200 - 278 g
  • Frame rate: 20 f/s
  • Connection type: WIFI, USB
  • Operating systems: Apple iOS, Android, Windows


  • WiPRO 6 with transducer, light blue: 128 components B/W
  • WiPRO 6 with transducer, dark blue: 128 components, colour Doppler
  • WiPRO 7 with transducer, white: 192 components, colour Doppler

The WiPRO models offer a very wide range of versions, tailored to specific, individual user requirements.

Figure 7 - 10: WiPRO 6NFTC Transvaginal & Convex, WiPRO 6WMFC Extra Wide Transducer, WiPRO 6SNMFC Sector Transducer and WiPRO 6HFP Puncture Transducer

Low frequency

Medium and high frequency

in many transducer combinations for:

  • Users with diagnostics in different sound frequency ranges
  • Clinics and group practices with several fields of specialization


  • Biplane transducers (double image transverse/longitudinal)
  • Puncture transducers (with puncture needle guidance)
  • Sector transducers (cardiac/phased array mode)
  • Vaginal transducers (endosonic application)
  • Extra wide transducers (diagnosis baby hip, breast)